US Navy Seals Workout Guide for Body Transformation

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It is of utmost importance to keep our body on the move.  Lack of exercise or decrease in physical activity results in wasting away of vital muscles as well as degeneration of bones that hinders easy flexibility.  More than focusing on the amount that we eat, we need to concentrate on how much we move around.  Yes, healthy eating too plays a part in maintaining our health.  Choosing to eat all the right food groups, in expected proportions and at the right time, will ensure an individual remains at his or her stable weight throughout life.  But fluid body movements are also necessary to carry on with everyday life’s activities.

US Navy Seals Workout Guide for Body Transformation

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When muscle atrophy do sets in and with bone health going down as the body ages, the risk of developing injuries increases requiring more recovery time.  In addition to this, with fitness levels decreasing, one’s immunity level also diminishes.  This is a sure path for unhealthy conditions of both body and mind.  No healthy individual would look forward to spending the rest of their lives in and out of hospitals or leading a life of dependency.

So start walking or cycling to cover short distances rather than opting for vehicular transport in your daily life.  Develop hobbies that involve strenuous work like carpentry, gardening or become a member of your neighborhood sports club.  Or just get involved in any kind of activity that involves lot of body movement, that you enjoy the most, during your free time.  In addition to these, start an exercise routine that simultaneously engages multiple joints and muscle groups to improve your fitness levels and elasticity.  Such exercises will also improve your balance, posture, and dexterity.

Full body exercises are apt to build functional muscles.  Also actively engaging in swimming, games like basket ball or baseball will ensure that your gross motor skills are well maintained.  Body weight exercises on the other hand, when done routinely, is known to accelerate a body’s fat burning process benefiting those desiring to get back into shape along with increasing fitness levels.  It is also said that these exercise forms enables to maintain a well functioning endocrine system, regularizing hormone secretions, thereby increasing production of those hormones that help burn fat faster as well as those that help in reducing stress and hunger pangs.

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