Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind Review

A predetermined course of events by way of planning, taking great pains and putting in a lot of effort to implement all that is planned in order to achieve everything one desires in life, makes it possible for one to create his/her own destiny.  Every one of us chooses what we want to become; what we think, we become.  When your life goals are envisioned, and a determination sets in to act in a certain way to accomplish these goals – it may be good health, prosperity, religious values – anything for that matter, nothing can stop you from achieving it.  The only fact one needs to be aware of is that constant changes do take place surrounding your life and your plans may need to be altered likewise to acquire positive results.  Have a positive outlook on life, remove any signs of negativity from your thoughts, and be willing to listen to the opinions of your near and dear ones.  Let these factors guide your actions to lead a life you desire the most.

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One also needs to realize that life will not always go the way you plan it.  You will have your own share of struggles, your intentions may go haywire, and it may not be easy to get out of such situations.  The way you think under such circumstances is what will direct your actions.  Consider failure as your stepping stone to success.  Find apt solutions for each obstacle you did not foresee, if need be start all over again.  Work on your capacity of patience; try, try, and try again until you succeed.

Be in touch with your higher self.  Your higher self is a part of you that rises above the limits of your consciousness and connects you directly to the spiritual sphere of knowledge.  It is also a flawless part of yours that leads you on your journey of life.

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