Self Hypnosis Techniques to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

How to lose weight with Self-Hypnosis

Studies reveal that though dieting and exercises can help an overweight individual lose an enormous amount of weight, by additionally engaging one’s mind during the whole process, they are able to achieve faster positive results.

The mind is composed of two states, the conscious and subconscious state.  Consciousness is the state of being aware, perceive, and apprehend the activities happening within your surroundings.  It is that part of the mind that helps you think logically and reason out.  Sub-consciousness is a mind state that influences all your involuntary thought process and actions.  It is a place where all your beliefs are stored too.  Your emotions are highly controlled by your subconscious mind.  Your feelings and emotions suddenly experienced when faced with a new situation are triggered by your sub-consciousness.

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Emotions that all of us go through are actually messages sent across by the subconscious mind.  Emotional eaters are basically eating to feed their feelings.  Many of us remain unaware of those times we eat when we are overcome by feelings like grief, anger, depression, or boredom.  When it is done occasionally, your body does not come to any harm.  But when followed regularly, you are overeating which eventually results in weight gain.

By the time you realize that emotions have taken control over your eating pattern, it already has established as a habit that is difficult to break.  But it is never too late to take control over your emotions.  First identify the emotions triggering this unwanted habit, and then look for alternative activities that you can indulge in, to give you ‘comfort’, when subjected to situations that give rise to such emotions.

Since emotions are triggered by our sub-consciousness, the subconscious mind can to a great extent be controlled by way of hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a state of sleep induced by suggestions given by a person that is readily accepted by our subconscious mind.  Thus, healthy eating habits can be developed by employing this technique which in turn influences one’s weight loss.

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