New – 7 Minute Diet

New – 7 Minute Diet

To be aware of your metabolism type is important in order to know how to eat right and also to help accelerate your weight loss trials.  The body’s metabolic rate determines the conversion of energy which is solely used for the vital functions of our system in order to keep us alive.  Basically it is the rate at which calories are exhausted.  If one becomes aware of their metabolism type and the calories consumed, then there is a method that can be worked out to help change weight, or so most dietitians assume.  But the fact is that in most cases these methods do not work.  Let us assume that one method requires you to take in lesser calories than the body is accustomed to burn, in order to lose all that piled up fat.  The purpose to follow this method is to force the body to use up the stored fat and convert it to energy for normal body functions.  Over time, however, the body slows its metabolic process in order to settle at the current level of caloric intake, so the whole purpose of lowering calories is lost.  There are some techniques that have been scientifically proven to kick-start a body’s metabolism again after you have crossed a certain age, though.

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Now all that extra calories consumed are stored as fat, this we all are aware of.  Some amount of fat is required for essential body functioning and this is stored in the form of lipids.  Anything more than required by the body is accumulated as blubber.  This is what needs to be reduced if you are overweight.  If we aim at gaining muscle mass by way of exercising, and maintaining it, this will help in exhausting more calories.  This is because muscles take up more energy for its maintenance than fat does.

There are some foods that claim to increase the body’s temperature, so more energy output, and help in effective weight loss.  When following this diet, basically one is required to limit their carbohydrate intake and increase these ‘thermogenic’ foods.

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