How to Burn MORE Than 1,000 Calories EVERY Workout

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Overweight individuals, who are fond of lying around lazily, but with the desire to get back into a good body shape, often look for shortcut methods for weight reduction.  A diet pill that claims to produce magical results, an abdominal belt that can work wonders with belly fat removal, massage oils or creams that state will help melt fat in no time, even herbal masks for that matter, and many more are included in this list of methods.  Such methods are given the first preference by these individuals for they expect results instantaneously, requiring very little effort from their end.

You Can Burn MORE Than 1,000 Calories EVERY Workout

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The fact remains, though, that there are no shortcut methods for effective and permanent weight loss.  Dieting and exercising are a must; there are no two ways about it.  But if one prefers to only diet without doing any form of exercise, this alone will not assist anybody in weight reduction.  By balancing out your daily caloric intake appropriately, on a routine basis, may bring about some weight loss.  However,this can only successfully deplete accumulated water from our body.  Once this is done with, no further weight reduction will be experienced.  For successful weight loss, one has to burn more calories than consumed; and this burning process is only possible with increasing levels of exertion gradually by performing high intensity exercises.

But sadly, most individuals who enter into their adult years are deficient in fitness levels.  So much so that even basic exercise routines tire them out easily and cannot be performed completely.  Though we relate this to a body’s aging process, the fact is that this lack in fitness arises due to improper use of muscles after a certain age.  Once we become adults, we are added with more responsibilities like making money, looking after a family and the like.  So most of us are on the move, from home to office and back, and once home, have dinner and sleep out of sheer mental exhaustion.  But what about physical exertion?  It is absolutely zero, for we chose to move around in our own transport back and forth to save time, and when at home, plonk ourselves on the couch for some TV time.

When our body begins to give out warning signals, we ultimately realize the importance of exercise, and make the effort to commence on some form of workout.  But our body just fails us then.  Even simple exercise forms will be difficult task to perform.

To obtain knowledge about techniques and how to employ these in an appropriate manner to burn more calories after every workout session, with minimal restrictive dieting rules, visit the site 1000 calorie  The contents authored by Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca, speaks about methods that will effectively remove 5 pounds off your body weight on a weekly basis during its use.  There are also few procedures mentioned for beginners that will enable them to start burning calories from as little as 300 progressing upwards to a whooping 1000 calories in a limited period of time.  The creators employ R-Quattro and S2 Progression technologies which involves implementation of standard exercise routines with periods of rest during the initial week followed by alternating between two exercise forms the second week, increasing the intensity and number of exercise routines progressively until the 1000 calorie workout mark is achieved.  They state that by combining these two processes, one’s ‘body fat does not stand a chance’.  So if you are seriously in need of losing body fat to improve your health and fitness levels, check this site out.


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