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Slim Without Gym

Weight loss is possible at any age, no matter how much excess fat needs to be shed, be it 10, 30, or 90 pounds.  However, a healthy approach should be ascertained, that does not require the use of pills, supplements, drugs, or extreme steps like starvation.  The reason behind being overweight or obese is choosing to eat high-fat, processed, junk foods day in and day out that have little or zero nutritional value.  Since your body is undernourished and actually starving for nourishment, it is in a constant state of hunger asking for more food.  In most cases, this hunger is satiated by downing more fat-rich foods.  The result, fat pileup and weight gain.

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Though diet alone is not sufficient for significant weight loss, it is possible to lose some amount of weight by only dieting.  All that excess fat is piled up gradually by way of eating over a period of time.  Thus, by following this same method, but choosing to eat the right kind of foods, excess pounds can be shed in a step-by-step manner.  The idea behind this is to consume lesser calories than required, forcing your body to turn to its fat reserves for energy conversion that your body needs to perform day-to-day functions.  So, some amount of dietary changes along with a change in behavioral habits needs to be carried out if dieting is the sole approach that is going to be utilized to create desired results.

If you select to exercise regularly without bringing about any change in your eating pattern, this alone will not help in weight loss.  Though exercise is considered the second strongest approach towards weight loss, there is scientific research done with results revealing that exercise alone has little impact on effective weight loss.  You are required to do a lot more of exercise to burn those extra kilos.  For example, if shedding extra 500 calories is your target, you will need to cycle for an additional two hours; while this is a possibility by dropping caloric intake over a 7-day period.  Overweight can make one inactive, but a sedentary lifestyle does not add weight to your body.  It is what you eat that makes you overweight.

Within the site Slim with out, Dylan W. Brown, who invented a dieting system, to help his overweight girlfriend shed weight with amazing results, is revealed to the public.  He claims to have used ‘both wisdom and intelligence’ to come up with this system that have effectively helped people get rid of even stubborn layers of fat in a safe manner.  His diet formula stretches over a minimum 9-day period only with no strict rules to be followed.  A break of 3 days between these nine day periods of dieting done for an extended period of time will help you reach your desired weight goal.  No abstinence from food is required to achieve this goal; in fact he recommends a list of foods that can be eaten ‘bellyful’.  His system also explains ways to shed fat from around belly, arms, hips, and thigh areas.  So check the site out to help you in your decision if you are on the lookout for the best weight shedding option.

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