How to Reduce Weight with 6 Small Meals a Day

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It is so easy to gain weight, what with all that processed foods, meats, and cereals made easily accessible for the common man.  Getting rid of it is the difficult part.  Most of us begin a diet plan but are inadequate at it.  The reason is that we expect some miracle to happen and see immediate results without putting in some hard work.  People even go to the extent of starving for days together, remaining on only liquids, or even induce the urge to vomit immediately after a meal is consumed, all done to remain thin.  A simple exercise routine and a well-balanced diet are all one needs to see that extra pounds shed effortlessly.

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The idea behind dieting is to consume lesser calories and increase exercise levels to experience quick weight loss results.  All of us grew up consuming three square meals a day.  However, after a lot of research done on this subject, it has been found that leaving wide gaps in between meals increases blood sugar levels making one develop hunger pangs.  And as hunger strikes, one grabs something quick to satisfy hunger, and these are often high-fat foods suitable to be snacked on.  These factors and choosing to eat dinner just before bedtime have disastrous effects on our body weight.

Six small frequent meals keeps your belly full at all times, not influencing you to snack in between meals.  Consuming breakfast within an hour of waking up, eating at 3-hour intervals subsequently, and ceasing to eat approximately 3 hours before going to bed increases the body’s basic metabolic rate, so says nutrition experts.  Isn’t this equivalent to overeating?……one make ask.  The principle behind this is to consume lesser calories at each meal but meeting the daily caloric requirement, to avoid reaching for high-calorie snacks between meals consumed after long gaps.  Also, it is not absolutely essential to eat every divided meal portion.  It is sufficient to eat only when hunger strikes and once hunger pangs do arise, it is necessary to eat a meal within an hour to control the amount of food that is consumed.  Developing a ravenous appetite will inevitably cause you to over eat.

Simon Lovell talks about this pattern of eating and more within the website, Lunch Box  He has come up with this Lunch Box Diet where your daily meals can be prepared following simple techniques, stored in appropriate portion size for each meal of the day, that can be easily reached for when hunger strikes.  And where is all these food stored – in your lunch box.  This is a diet plan that is easy to follow earnestly, since it keeps your belly satisfactorily full throughout the day.  Simon also reveals ways to stop one’s cravings for sweets, to get ‘addicted to eating healthy foods’, providing you with motives to reach your weight goal and maintain it for life.  His diet plan provides you with food options that can be munched on any time of the day without the fear of gaining weight.  It also contains tasty recipes that can be prepared in less time and help boost one’s metabolism.  Visit this site, read through the entire contents available here, and see yourself adapting to this pattern of eating, enjoying weight loss simultaneously.

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