How to Reduce Fat with Exercises & Balanced Diet

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You may not be overweight, just perfect for your height, no excess fat around your thighs, arms or rear end.  But that slightly rounded belly that bulges out even more after a full meal, may be due to excess body fat that have chosen your stomach area to get piled up on. As you age, this will only grow even bigger.  So it is time to look for means to reduce this before it aggravates.

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The first step taken by any individual looking for ways to reduce weight is to start a diet program.  In order to exhaust all that stored fat, you will need to increase your body’s metabolic rate.  A proper diet will accelerate your metabolism and not any starvation diets or skipping meals routine.  Your body’s metabolism is influenced by the nutrients consumed.  This combined with oxygen produce energy that your body requires for normal daily functions.  This produced energy is measured in calories.  The main source of energy for our body is from glucose.  So reduce carbs and sugary foods to reduce glucose levels within the body for when this is done, with glucose levels lessened, the body will turn to stored fat for energy.  This to a certain extent will help in fat reduction.

Dieting is only a part of any weight loss plans.  Diet without exercise will not work towards complete weight loss.  All famous weight loss plans recommend cardio exercises to lose weight.  But slow cardio workouts do not help in reducing weight.  Any time more energy is spent by your body, through any chosen mean, more calories are burnt.  So an increase in exercise intensity, with your body compelled to work harder, will require more calorie use resulting in fat loss.

However, exercising on a daily basis is not recommended.  A rest period is essential between workout days to give your muscles enough recovery time for repair and strengthening.  Working out without a rest day will result in overuse of muscles giving rise to a tired, washed out feeling, and soreness in muscles.  These may de-motivate an individual, with a decrease in the urge to keep up with the weight loss program noted.

All this and more is discussed with more in-depth scientific explanation within the site, Body of .  Visit this site to know more about how exercises of a certain variety can continue to burn your body fat for hours even after stopping your workout sessions.  A list of such exercises is revealed here.  The content available in the site is put together by Chad Waterbury, a Hollywood trainer.  He details out a list of exercises often recommended by various weight loss programs that have little or no influence on increasing a body’s metabolic rate.  He also, after a lot of research, has found out that performing metabolic boosting exercises in a ‘specific sequence’ can help increase the fat burning process.  He has also discovered the ‘precise combination that worked for everyone’, including women.  He has named his program as Body of F.I.R.E. that needs to be practiced for 12 weeks or more, depending on the level of fat accumulation your body has.  He not only concentrates on exercises, a nutrition guide is provided that talks about how to control hormones ‘at specific times’ in a day to quickly get rid of fat.


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