How to Practice Self Healing Meditation Techniques

To have the power to heal oneself, to restore good health by using your body’s natural abilities to cure can be termed as self healing.  Basically, natural healing methods make use of natural tools in an apt manner, affecting bodily changes in a positive manner, and are more easily available.  Natural healing methods were the routes of treatment adopted in the earlier days, much before technology came into being.  Thus, these methods were less unpleasant or painful to the body system, much simpler, and entirely based in nature.  It mostly involved blending of natural herbs along with a change in diet, lifestyle habits, as well as incorporated mind work.  The manner in which these techniques were combined was often dependent on good but unsophisticated judgment in the use of resources.  For its effectiveness, though, it was of absolute necessary to know how our body systems function and how these resources work or how best these matched our body’s needs.

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There is an almost inexhaustible amount of resources available for self healing.  For physical discomforts, people are drawn towards natural food ingredients that have healing powers.  Increasing the intake of certain fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices along with ample consumption of water is believed to start the healing process of whatever illness the individual may be experiencing.  Self massage techniques to relieve muscle stress, pain; exercise to reduce body weight, for excess body fat is discovered to be the cause behind more than half of our body ailments; and avoiding certain food products and habit-forming substances are normally pursued to enhance one’s well-being.

To relieve mental and emotional stress or disorders, visualization techniques, positive thinking, spiritual healing, Reiki or energy therapy, and meditative techniques were mostly employed.

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