How to Perform Body Cleanse at Home to Lose Weight Quickly

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Our overall health will continue to deteriorate as long as we keep up with our bad eating habits.  Unhealthy food choices are guided by our personal opinions formed at an early period and is a habit difficult to break as we grow up.  Processed junk foods have minimal nutritional values and are high in calories.  With most of us mimicking the western lifestyle, their style of eating is also imitated.  Dining out at the McDonalds or Pizza Hut is considered regal by the ‘uninformed’.  But eating junk foods may not be every westerner’s daily practice.  They are also known to consume soy, corn, wheat, and rice in abundance and to meet the demand of these grains, at the present time, these grain crops are engineered for higher yield production, compromising on nutritional content.  The consumption of meat and meat products are also high, with vegetables, fruits and whole grains put on the sidelines.

to Perform Body Cleanse at Home to Lose Weight Quickly

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Eating packaged, canned, and processed foods routinely increases the toxic levels in a human body.  Food preservatives, additives, and artificial flavorings present within these are full of chemicals.  Even those fresh looking vegetables and fruits are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides that no amount of washing will help get rid of it totally.  Fresh cut meats, we all assume to be the best source, but even these are loaded with hormones.  Tap water too contains the risk of contamination to a greater extent.  Our body, in addition to these, is exposed to environmental pollution and toxic chemicals.

In addition to toxicity, our body being in a constant acidic state is also a cause for deteriorating health in most individuals.  Almost all processed foods, refined food products, artificial sweeteners are acid forming.  Likewise dairy rich products, meat, and some diet foods are acid forming.  Though our body is tuned to eliminate these acids on a daily cycle, when the production is more than it can possibly eliminate, it gets stored as fat.

All these factors make it absolutely necessary to cleanse our body interiorly by employing effective detoxification methods.  A thorough cleansing will help eliminate these toxic chemicals from our body decreasing our body’s overall toxicity, improving health, and fat burning capabilities in the entire process.  Following a healthy diet, eating more of nutritious, high-fiber foods, and drinking purified water should be the norm after an internal body cleansing is done.

The advantages of cleansing one’s system and more is explained in more detail within the site, Total Wellness  Here, Yuri Elkaim, in his cleansing program named Total Wellness Cleanse, mentions one cleansing mistake that people should avoid if trying to lose weight, and three cleansing methods that must be employed for positive results.  Yuri is a registered holistic nutritionist and fitness expert, so he knows the importance of using natural methods to give benefits.  His is a motivational presentation that puts hope back into all those people who have tried various other weight loss strategies with little or no benefits.  He refers to one’s need to cleanse the body entirely, to get rid of all that toxic waste that may be the actual cause behind their negative results with weight loss attempts.


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