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The Negative Calorie Diet

You desperately want to lose weight and do not know how to go about it.  You decide to buy books on diet, fitness, nutrition, read through all of them, confusing yourself even further with all the contradicting material that you have just imbibed.  You are back to square one.  By the time you figure out what your initial attempts should be to lose weight, you may have added on more kilos to your body.  The basic idea behind weight loss is to burn more calories than taken in or the other way round, consume lesser calories than your body requires.

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Food is what keeps our body in the ‘operating mode’ constantly.  Food taken in its right combination keeps our body functioning levels at its peak.  The wrong foods or inaccurate pairing of foods done for an extended period of time encourages our body to give out distress signals, weight gain being one of them.  Also, it is the quality of food that matters and not quantity as far as weight loss is concerned.  Organic foods are dense in nutritional content.  Processed foods on the other hand bring down the actual nutritional value, of any food, drastically.  Since these foods are readily available, we land up eating zero nutrition foods but high in fat.  Processing also means adding preservatives and additives that are chemical based, both known to promote weight gain.

Likewise, foods that turn into sugar after its breakdown are to be avoided.  These foods are basically carbohydrates.  But not all carbohydrates are bad, in fact some amount of carbs are essential for our body functions.  It is the simple carbs that cause harm to our body for these are easily digested, get converted into sugar, and enter our bloodstream in a rapid manner in the form of glucose.  Complex carbohydrates on the other hand are slow to digest keeping our hunger satiated for a long time, reducing our temptation to snack in between meals.  Besides, fluctuating blood sugar levels increases fat loss failure.  While most of the glucose produced after digestion is used up by our body to produce energy, those that remain unused get stored as fat.

The general assumption is that avoiding fats will help in reducing weight.  The fact is that fats are also part of a healthy diet.  Good fats and bad fats are explained in great length within the site Negative Calorie  Jeff along with his partner Isabel talks about 3 basic ideas that can be followed by everyone to experience anywhere from 3 pounds to 10 pounds of fat loss in the first week, with more fat reduction in the following weeks.  He speaks about all those right foods that will assist our body in augmenting the fat burning phenomenon; how they can be paired in an accurate manner to double weight loss results; and those wrong foods that hamper our body’s ability to burn fat.  The program that goes by the name The Diet Solution also comprise of a questionnaire that needs to be answered by interested individuals to identify their metabolism type.  This is definitely an added bonus.  This and more is available here, so visit this site, fill up the questionnaire, know your basic metabolic rate, eat the foods meant for your body type, and see all that flab diminishing by degrees.

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