How to Lose Weight without Dieting or Exercising

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Are you at an unhealthy weight and looking for ways to lose weight?  ’10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight’, ‘Tips to Quick Weight Loss’, ‘How to Lose Weight Fast’……, does all this sound and look too familiar to you?  Being on the slightly plumper side is something not acceptable among young adults at the present time (especially girls), and being fat is objectionable.  These youngsters (adults likewise) are often on the lookout for effective methods to lose ‘baby’ fat fast, and dieting tops their list.

to Lose Weight without Dieting or Exercising

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Losing excess weight is a difficult or persistent problem for most people.  Crash diets with a rigorous bout of exercise are often resorted to for quick results, but these can take a huge toll on one’s body, causing more harm than good.  One has to be devoted and persistent in trying to lose weight and not look for short cuts.  Being on an ‘all fruit’ diet or a ‘protein and liquid diet’ may help you lose weight in less time, but leaving behind its side effects too; like blood pressure or blood sugar fluctuations, headaches, etc.

Moreover, starving for long periods of time will only result in making you look fatter.  This is because your body will start retaining water and storing bad fat in order to protect you, as it begins to assume that there is no food coming again.  This is definitely not a wise option if you want to lose weight for it only will successfully give you wrong results.

The healthy way to lose weight is to make gradual changes in food habits as the human body likes slow changes as far as food is concerned.  Eating the right kinds of foods and in good healthy amounts actually helps in accelerating body fat burning process.  Before finding out what foods are right for your body, you will need to know what is your actual body metabolism type.  There are a group of people who can utilize fats and proteins efficiently, another group of people can burn and store carbohydrates more easily, and then there is also one group of people who can burn fats, proteins, and carbohydrates with less effort.  Find which group you belong to, to help ease out your hunt for that perfect meal plan that will enable you to lose weight effortlessly.

Are you aware that health foods like whole wheat products, orange juice, etc., in reality encourage your body to gain fat?  Whole wheat bread has a high glycemic index and addictive qualities to it.  Likewise with orange juice, minus its fiber content, can spike blood sugar levels.  Also, the fact remains that eating the right kind of fats in right amounts can help in burning excess body fat.  Surprised!.

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