How to Lose Weight Within 25 Days Without Dieting

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To eat in meager amounts is something difficult to deal with, but for the special reason of wanting to own a body shape like that of an hourglass, almost all individuals with this desire employ this method to lose weight.  One may be able to lose great amounts of body weight with this alone or along with extensive workout routines, but the fact remains that all that lost fat and some are regained the moment diets and exercises are discontinued.

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Majority of diet plans in reality give assistance in loss of body fluids (water) in great succession, essential muscle loss, and a small quantity of fat loss that warrants little or no attention.  It also brings about drastic changes in a body’s metabolic rate, so the instant you resume your habitual eating routines, your body tends to restore all that lost weight.  But then, people are willing to go through all this and more in order to lose weight, even if it is for a short time frame.  The fact that they do not realize or fail to acknowledge is that they are giving away a part of their health during this whole course.

In order to lose weight rapidly, one needs a large deficiency in calorie amounts accomplished in a brief time frame.  This calorie deficit is possible when you consume lesser calories than your body burns.  To abstain from foods or ‘fasting’ is a remarkable way to produce this caloric deficit, but not recommended for a relatively long period of time.

Also when you are on a strict weight loss diet, there is a high probability of cheating whenever hunger strikes.  Giving up on your favorite foods is hard to carry out.  A common trait among human species is that when you are told to be off limits on certain foods for an extensive period of time, you will only spring back on it greedily.

However, visualize a diet where you are required to not consider eating most of your favorite foods, you need to follow an exclusion diet, but allowed ‘cheat days’ in between.  This put together with a carefully planned workout session to start with only when your body is ready for it ……does this arouse your interest?  Well it is possible to achieve rapid weight loss when all these above mentioned methods are combined to act together for faster results.

If you have set a goal, like say 15 pounds to lose in a particular time frame, and you want to achieve it faster, visit the site Xtreme Fat Loss, where Joel Marion, belonging to the Men’s Fitness Training advisory team talks about a diet program that can help individuals of any gender and from any age group lose 25 pounds in 25 days short.  As the name suggests it is an ‘extreme’ diet program.  It combines methods like fasting, ‘nutrient timing’, nutrient manipulation’, ‘strategically timed workouts’, along with permitting you to eat all that you desire every fifth day.  This way of dieting, Joel claims, will not interfere with your body’s metabolism.  It is advisable though, since ‘extreme’ methods are employed, that after the 25-day diet cycle as suggested in the site, to observe a more reasonable diet plan following this to help your body recover from the extreme techniques suggested in this program.


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