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Every overweight individual, at some point or other in their life, would have test driven a couple of diet plans in order to shed weight.  Most of the time they would have been unsuccessful in their attempts for a drastic dip in food intake is not something everyone wants to stick to.  The various diet plans available are namely, low-carb diet, high-protein diet, low-fat and low-calorie diet, Mediterranean Diet, Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, vegetarian diet, low-salt diet……….and many more.  Choosing the right kind of eating pattern that fits well into the kind of lifestyle you lead, is something that can be easily followed by everyone diligently.

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In recent years, one diet pattern that seems to have gained some popularity is to follow a raw diet.  The basic principle behind a raw food diet is to consume plant foods in its most natural state – which is uncooked and unprocessed.  This is more of a way of life that an individual chooses to follow, though a considerable amount of weight is possible to be shed when followed for life.  The diet is mostly composed of 75% fruits and vegetables in its wholesome form.  Processed foods are a taboo, be it sugar, tea, or even frozen and canned fruits and veggies.  No animal products are consumed, but some do manage to eat raw eggs and even raw cheese made from raw milk.

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The correct pH balance in your blood also ensures that you enjoy overall good health.  When a pH measuring test is done and it reveals that your body is more acidic, it means that your blood is able to carry very less oxygen hindering normal body functions.  Whereas, when a little higher level of alkalinity is measured, it translates that your blood is able to carry sufficient oxygen.  Choosing to eat the right kind of raw foods will help maintain this pH balance in one’s blood effectively, thereby improving the general condition of your body.

Without getting fully educated on the pros and cons of following a raw food diet, it is difficult to stick by it for long.  Chef Joy Houston shows you how to utilize raw food to cleanse your body and regain your optimal health back.  She teaches you how to create your own individual diet plan by incorporating as many raw ingredients as possible.  Her program is based on the philosophical thought of Dr. Robert Young that she stumbled upon, who states that ‘the body can heal itself and maintain ideal body weight if we maintain the proper pH balance in the blood.’  She did a lot of research, went through various people’s ideas behind raw diet, and started implementing some to reach to her own conclusion.  This is when her program Rocking Body Raw Food began to take shape.  It is basically a 14 day raw food diet and cleansing to increase your overall health and energy level.  While for some following a raw diet pattern entirely may not be appealing, making it a point to use a large number of raw ingredients while dishing out your daily meals will go a long way in helping you shed weight and feel lighter for life.  Visit the site, Rocking Body Raw, for more vital information revealed by Joy Houston about the positive effects raw food diet has on one’s body.


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