How to Lose Weight Permanently at Home


The Carb Rotation Diet – Natural Ways to Lose Weight


Losing extra kilos is not an easy task.  A weight loss program that does not require you to starve, stay on only liquids for weeks together, skip meals, or abstain forever from certain food groups is something easy to stick by.  But having to follow strict eating schedules, count calories of each food ingredient before putting them together to form your meals, time consumed to prepare them can make one lose their interest to follow the prescribed eating pattern over time.

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Dieting programs that does not list any foods as off-limits, includes tasty dishes, and are very flexible with food groups are the easiest to follow.  But the catch is, in such programs, you are required to decrease the portion size of every meal drastically.  This often leads to a state of constant hunger.


Any form of dieting is hard to follow initially.  A change in your meal plans and snacking habits will definitely need to be made.  One such powerful dieting method that can eliminate fat from a body rapidly is carbohydrate cycling.  Intermixing this with following a low-carb diet will help double the results.  A diet that recommends 30% or less of carbohydrate consumption is a low-carb one.  This does have positive results as far as blood sugar level maintenance and hunger reduction is concerned.  But when followed for an extended period of time, it saps out energy from your body making you feel fatigued, and giving rise of carb cravings.  An ideal way to deal with this is to have an interval period where the carbohydrate consumption can be increased.  For example, once you commence on this eating pattern, every third day, carbohydrate intake can be increased.  Of course, this method needs to be combined with a good exercise plan for suitable weight loss results.


In addition to weight gain, cellulite problem is another growing concern, especially among women.  Cellulite is concentration of more fat around the thighs, buttocks, and hip regions that is difficult to get rid of.  Complete cellulite elimination depends on a good diet and exercise regimen.  Certain forms of stretching exercise helps in removing this bulk.


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