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The Alkaline Diet

The standard American diet, aka, SAD is not considered healthy by certain standards.  It is composed of processed carbohydrates, is full of hydrogenated fats, basically is high in such ingredients that our body does not essentially require.  Most of us are used to packaged, processed meat products, frozen and canned veggies that are all easy to put together at meal times.  And this is, in most case, due to a fast paced life, with more time concentrated in following a career path and very little time for household chores.

The Alkaline Diet

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Thus, sadly majority of the population are consuming foods lacking in nutritional value, eating more of acid-producing foods, in turn making our body acidic.  Though the acidic content in certain foods like lemon, tomatoes, oranges, etc., are high and it is easy to assume that they can make our body acidic, in reality these foods contribute to increasing alkalinity the moment they go through the digestion process.  This means that the acidic or alkaline content in foods is not of importance, it is how the contents within them effect our body after getting digested that play an important role.

It is important to maintain pH levels of blood and tissues within the normal range to enjoy your life to the fullest.  What exactly does pH mean?  pH stands for ‘potential of hydrogen’ which translates into the action of hydrogen atoms influencing the acid and alkaline levels in our body.  A pH level that measures above 7 is alkaline and below 7 is acidic.  The ideal pH level in our body should measure anywhere between 7.3-7.4.  The pH levels can be determined through an urine or saliva test to know how healthy your body is.  Human body requires being in a slightly high alkaline range for self healing purposes.

Foods with high sodium and chloride levels increases acid production within our body; hence avoid eating meat, dairy products, sugar, refined food products, fried items, and carbonated beverages in large quantities as these are mostly acid-forming foods.  Foods high in potassium and bicarbonate increase the alkalinity of our body.  Thus incorporate more of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh juices in your daily meal plan for increasing your body’s alkalinity.

Within the site, The Alkaline, 3 alkaline secrets are revealed that can help one lose about 30 pounds of body fat.  Nothing more than making simple dietary changes is required out of you in order to achieve belly fat and weight loss.  The diet plan, The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet program, was put together by Emma Deangela from sheer frustration of remaining ill most of the time, walking in and out of hospitals hampering her progression in life, and spending most of what she earned on hospital bills.  From a brief acquaintance with an elderly lady while on a vacation, she was made to realize that our stomachs hold the key to most of our health issues.  As long as this is well taken care of, it is possible to stay healthy and young for life.  Also, she was told of 3 nutritional fundamentals that will help us to remain energetic with zero digestive problems throughout our life.  All and more is presented within this website, so check this site out to bring about a huge transformation in your overall health.


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