How to Lose Weight 30 Pounds in 30 Days

Lose 30 In Thirty

Not all of us have healthy eating habits.  And not all of us stick to an exercise regimen continually.  Yes, it would be good for our health if we did so, but the reality is we do not.  Certain times we just make excuses, other times sheer laziness takes control over us delaying our weight goal achievements.  As a result, not only are you ‘not successful’ in reaching your ideal weight, chances are all that lost weight and more is regained back even before you realize it.

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Once the realization does strike, you try to make amendments and will go to any extent this time round to get yourself thin.  The first step you probably will take is to skip meals.  You take upon yourself that eating just one meal a day will help you get rid of your fat pileup over a period of time, knowing very well that this is not the best way to lose weight.  Yes, it is possible to lose weight, also some good amount of fat, but simultaneously you will lose muscle mass, making you unhealthy.  Moreover, your metabolic rate will slow down.  When you do decide to eat normally, after you feel satisfied with the weight loss you have achieved, loh!…..all that you lost and some extra pounds tend to get piled back again.

Well considering that your intelligent level is a little high and realize that skipping meals is not the best way to lose weight, you may become a victim of ‘fad diets’ that all claim to be healthy and a safe way to get your body back into shape.  One such dieting method is to follow a low-carbohydrate meal plan.  If followed for a short period of time, probably your body will come to no harm.  But if low-carb meals are going to be your lifestyle forever, then it could be the cause of your various health problems.  One such healthy condition that can arise from this kind of an eating pattern is ketoacidosis.  Low carb diets resort to high protein intake to meet the body’s nutritional requirement.  Blood sugar levels can be controlled when this pattern is followed, but when insulin levels drop drastically, an acidic substance called ketones gets released into the blood stream.  Also, due to the high protein foods, protein load to the kidneys is increased along with the alteration in your body’s acid balance.

Both these approaches are a bad idea.  So how do one get back into shape?  Celebrity trainer, Rocco Castellano, has revealed his secretes that guarantees to take away 30 pounds of fat from your body in 30 days.  His method, he states, is a safe route to weight loss, a route that will not be easy but requiring you to do a lot of hard work.  (No pain, no gain).  So, if you are the kind of person who normally is disinclined to take trouble to achieve positive results, but would rather settle for quick-fix methods, then this program is not for you.  He narrates one exercise form that everyone should utilize to drop weight and that one type of exercise that every person should walk away from.  He presents a detailed list of foods that individuals trying to lose weight should eat and those foods that one should avoid to experience positive results.  Visit this site, follow his step-by-step process, and begin to burn all that excess fat the best way possible.

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