How to Lose Fat & Build Muscles with Bodyweight Exercises And Workouts

Bodyweight Exercise

Healthy eating, studies reveal, adds years to one’s life.  Remove unhealthy fats, processed and refined foods from your daily diet; limit sugar and salt intake; and increase intake of fresh fruits, whole grains, and vegetables to add more number to your age.  Add to this, cigarette avoidance and minimal intake of alcohol and it is a sure route to increase the average life span of yours.

How to Lose Fat & Build Muscles with Bodyweight Exercises And Workouts

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Combine all of the above mentioned with a daily exercise routine and your quality of life will increase twofold.  Recent studies have revealed that a mere 15-minute exercise per day is capable of adding three years to an individual’s life.  This does not ask for much.  To put your body through exercises one need not only view the gym as an apt place.  These 15 minutes of exertion can also be achieved during your day-to-day activities of life.  Take the flight of stairs instead of the elevator or escalator to reach your destination; when the place you are traveling to covers only a short distance, walk it; take your pets out for a walk around your neighborhood park or play with your kids actively in your backyard, etc.  The options are unlimited; you just have to seek it.

However, if you really desire to up your fitness levels, these types of exercises will not suffice.  A regular course of repeated body movements is essential.  At the present fast paced lives that most of us live, trying to fit in an exercise routine into one’s daily schedule is too demanding.  One would desire to be able to work out at one’s own convenient time and a place of our choice.

This is a possibility with an exercise form that utilizes only your bodyweight.  Bodyweight exercises do not require you to own a gym membership or utilize high-end, fancy exercise equipments to lose weight or to increase body flexibility.  Bodyweight exercise is a type of strength training exercise where the individual utilizes his or her own body weight to provide resistance for each exerting movement.  This form of exercise is perfect for those who are always on a journey, for these can be done within the comforts of their hotel room or workstation.

Before you decide to start any exercise program, though, and especially if you are a newbie to exercising; it is vital to prepare your body for it.  Begin some form of stretching and warm up activities, like rotating the joints of your upper and lower extremities, walking, or performing squats for 5 minutes and then proceed to your actual exercise form.  This is important to minimize injuries or strain to your muscles.

Body weight exercise revolution available within the website Body weight exercise, is an exercise program that intermixes the old and new forms of workouts to maximize results while building muscle mass.  The creators of this system are Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock who are certified fitness trainers.  The program mentions exercise forms that can be done at a place and time convenient to you, without having to slot a specific time for these in your daily schedules.  Step-by-step exercise techniques detailed out here will guide one to apply the mentioned methods to achieve their desired results.  So if you are on the lookout for safe methods to lose weight simultaneously wanting to improve your flexibility levels, bone health, and increasing life span with vitality, then visit this site, being the exercise program, and obtain its benefits over time.

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