How to Increase The Metabolism Rate Naturally To Burn Fat

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Some individuals who are on the heavier side chose to do nothing about it.  Rather they elect to live with it, make no dietary changes, and follow a sedentary lifestyle.  The result – poor health, innumerable disease conditions, and increasing bills from frequent doctor visits.  If such individuals make simple changes in the kinds and foods consumed, drastic reduction in weight can be experienced over time.

 Increase The Metabolism Rate Naturally To Burn Fat

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Foods rich in carbohydrates and starch will cause a spike in insulin for carbohydrate metabolism.  Excess carbohydrates means excess glucose released into the bloodstream.  Insulin converts glucose into glycogen and is stored in liver and muscles.  When blood sugar is in excess limits, all cannot be converted into glycogen.  This is when the remaining sugar present in blood gets converted into fat and stored in adipose tissue resulting in fat pileup.  When carbohydrate is taken in excess along with excess dietary fats, the weight gain is doubled.

Following a low-carbohydrate, low-fat, and high-protein diets are in rage presently.  The reason behind this is that high protein foods increase the feeling of satiety even after minimal consumption, favorable for weight loss.  Healthy fats in right proportion also are essential for normal body functions.  Eliminating carbohydrates and fats totally from your daily diet is not only possible, it is also not recommended by most dietitians.  All three, fats, proteins, and simple carbohydrates in the right proportion, with a decrease in portion size will help an individual keep off weight.

Burn Fat

Burn Fat

Meat eating, the right type of meats, can help to lose weight rapidly.  Meats are high in proteins, and with increased protein intake, the state of fullness is experienced for an extended period of time.  Thus, the need to eat between meals is not felt.  Also, when a body goes through the weight loss process, some amount of muscle mass is destroyed too.  Eating meat will prevent loss of muscle mass to a great extent.  However, overindulgence in meat consumption is not healthy, and care should be taken to choose meats that contain high quality proteins and healthy fats.

The effect that carbohydrates in excess along with ‘bad’ fats have on a human body is explained in depth within the site The, by Rachel.  The reasons behind why our body is not used to our current evolved diet, the primary factors behind weight gain, and how adopting the ways of our ancestor can help in weight control is revealed in the program ‘The Primal You’.  The food types that increases fat-storing and fat-burning hormones is made clear in simple, understandable words by, Derek Gatehouse, who happens to be the founder of this program.  Rachel also offers her view about what kind of signals are sent to the brain when certain food groups are consumed, that directly influences weight gain or weight loss in an individual.  Derek has revealed his secret formula to ‘keep your metabolism in a fat-burning state’.  So if you are an overweight individual, having met with failure in your previous attempts at weight control, and are on the lookout for safe ways to lose weight without having to sacrifice your food intake or work for hours together at a gym, then this is the right program for you.


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