How to Increase Serotonin Levels Naturally with Food for Fast Weight Loss

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Focusing on eating a well balanced diet, exercising responsibly, and continuing to adhere to this healthy routine is what almost all fitness experts say is the only solution for long term weight loss and maintenance.  And yes it has been scientifically proven that both when followed for an extended period of time promotes weight loss.

Skipping meals is a ritual noticed in people following a high-paced lifestyle, also done with the thoughts of losing extra pounds.  What one fails to understand is that by skipping meals you do not reduce weight, but might just be doubling it.  When you skip a meal, it is a natural tendency to overeat during the next meal to satisfy your appetite fully.  Thus caloric intake is increased.  This, however, can be rectified by increasing the workout regimen for a couple of days following this ‘ritual’.Read more about Role Played by Serotonin & Do­pamine in Weight Loss .

to Increase Serotonin Levels Naturally with Food for Fast Weight Loss

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However, for some individuals these methods alone may not work.  What may actually be the underlying cause of weight gain in such individuals?  Researchers have stopped, pondered, and after several permutations and combinations, have come up with a surprising answer.  It may be negative thoughts and emotions, after all that may be compelling them to eat more, of course unconsciously.

In these people, when they get worked up while facing obstacles in their day-to-day activities at their workplace or back home, they reach for food to calm themselves down.  Or when feeling depressed, lonely, or bored, a bar of rich chocolate or a big piece of that cheesecake will help ‘cure’ their blues.  They seek comfort in food when stressed out or feeling low and as is to be expected, consume large quantities of food high in calories.  When depressed, a brain chemical named dopamine becomes abnormally active.  In such a state, the smell or sight of food increases their hunger levels making their body yearn for it.  This compels certain people to binge and overeat, especially foods high in fat and sugar.  Most often this is done unconsciously and thus these individuals fail to see the need to increase their exercise levels to remove those excess calories consumed.  The obvious consequences are increasing waistline and weight gain, when done regularly.

Emotions, especially the ones filled with sadness, shamefulness play a role in hindering your weight loss attempts.  Visit the site The Transformation for more information regarding this.  If emotions are playing an active role in making you heavier, then author Bill Philips makes public an 18-step guide in his ‘Transformation Solution Program’ for people like you to achieve rapid weight loss.  He explains fun activities that one can employ to experience maximum weight reduction.  He also details out healthy eating options to provide your body with sufficient energy and at the same time burn excess fat and stop greedy food desires.  He presents various ideas on how your unhealthy emotions can be transformed into healthy ones that will encourage and motivate you in your weight loss attempts.  He states that ‘extraordinary results’ are experienced by those who have followed the ‘principles of the Transformation Solution Program’ and assures you that all that lost weight will not be regained again.  Check the site out if you are tired of following strict diet and exercise routines with minimal results, try the suggested methods to keep your emotions under control, choose to follow his ‘bio-balance diet solution’, and obtain exceptional results in terms of weight loss.


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