How to Improve Your Hand Grip Strength to Bend Nails,Bolts or Steel

How to Bend Nails with your Hands

Strength in male species is of a higher intensity when compared to the female sex.  Men are stronger than women (though feminists think differently).  But their strength is for a purpose to serve, they have a different role to play.  They are protectors, supporters, have the authoritative power while the female species have influential and persuasive powers.  Strong muscular hands in men are an attractive feature.  It also means that they are capable of doing hard work, the ‘real work’, with a magnificent grasping power.

to Improve Your Hand Grip Strength to Bend Nails,Bolts or Steel

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Grip strength is the energy exerted by the hand to pull an object or stay suspended from an object for an extended period of time.  Grasping power determines musculature strength, capacity of wrapping around objects and holding on to it without permitting it to slide off from the grasp.  Grip strength training is essential to compete in certain sports competition, for example, lifting weights.  It also can be applied in our daily living, for instance holding on to feasible objects to prevent a fall, assembling and dissembling, shifting of heavy objects and the like; or in some professions where more hand work is required.  Popular grip athletes are gymnasts, weight lifters, and arm wrestlers.

Nail bending sport, as the name suggests, requires bending nails and bolts of varying sizes and also require the performer to have a killer grip.  Beginners are bound to experience excruciating pain while performing this, at times continuing to hurt an hour or two after performance.  Besides, grip athletes are more prone to injuries if the right techniques are failed to be followed.  For prevention and conditioning of hand muscles, self-myofascial release exercises need to be performed.  During this, the tiny receptors situated within each muscle and tendon sends the message to the central nervous system when enough tension within the muscles is generated, causing the muscle fibers to relax, preventing trauma or further damage.

In order to acquire more knowledge about grip strength training and prevention of trauma while training, visit the site  Here, Jedd Johnson, a world record holder in grip athletics, presents methods that will assist strength fanatics to bend a grade-5 bolt in less than 30 days.  He makes known the appropriate wrapping technique; three bending techniques that are familiar to athletes, but few becoming proficient in the use of them; the common mistakes that most beginners make frustrating them in the process; best strength training methods that will keep your hands well conditioned; and how to balance your body while displaying your powers.  He also makes you aware of five important hand stretches that need to be done to improve range of motion and flexibility levels of your hands.  In case of any injuries you have encountered in your previous attempts at building grip strength, he presents methods that will assist to restore your hands to its former capabilities.  He also covers how to prevent any further injuries.  All of his methods are explained in a clear, step-by-step manner, easy to be interpreted even by beginners.  Check out his program, get access to his DVD and ‘get bending’!

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