How to Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

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How important is balance to our body?  While it is important to improve and maintain our health at its optimal best regardless of age, it is also crucial to have a well balanced body; even more so as the body begins to age.  Complete balance is essential to carry out our day to day activities as it increases our ability to remain stable and shift body weight.  Simple tasks like standing from a seated position, walking, climbing stairs, cycling, etc. rely on body balance in an extreme manner.  Our body begins to lose its ability to retain balance as it grows older.  This is due to varying reasons like muscle dystrophy, diminishing strength and stamina, and degenerative conditions of bones or nerves.  As balance is also a combined effort of our sensory systems, deterioration of our sense organs may also be the cause behind disordered balance.

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Experiencing a fall after a certain age can lead to irreparable bone damage that in turn decreases your quality of life, increases your dependency on others, or even become bedridden for life.  This is not something everyone looks forward do.  A life of dependency is hell.  Complications from a fall is not only a concern for elders, people of all ages can become debilitated for life from a serious fall.  But as one becomes older, they become more prone to having a fall due to a spinning head or wobbly legs and weakness of knees.

For a perfect balance, you need to have a good sturdy, foundation, which in this case will be our legs.  Weakness in our legs, knee disorders, or when our overall leg strength diminishes, balance is affected.  In addition to this, weakness in our core muscles such as abdomen and back also reduces our ability to balance well.  There are several exercises that target these muscles, improve their strength which in turn will help stabilize your body and improve your posture as well.

How to Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

If you want to reduce the risk of falling, no matter what your age is, or individuals who are on the lookout for ways to improve balance of their gradually aging body, visit the site, and access the Better Balance E-course programmed by Mike Ross, a fitness expert and exercise physiologist.  This is a 6-week course that will make you aware of your body’s basic functions, why balance is important for healthy living, and various exercise forms that assist in improving body balance that can be performed in the comforts of one’s own home.  These exercises will not take up much of your time, 10 minutes max.  The techniques presented are the most basic types that can be executed without any help from a professional trainer, for his methods are the right combination of ‘safety, simplicity, and effectiveness’.  Mike has formulated his exercise routines especially for senior citizens, but these can be performed by anyone, regardless of age.  In fact, his manual will assist in personalizing your own exercise routines that suits your fitness levels the best.  Check the contents made available within this website, choose to follow Mike’s program and begin to walk confidently without much hesitation.

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