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Aging is a process every human species have to experience.  As the stages of life progresses, the body systems become slow to respond.  One begins to notice diminishing vigor, changes in facial features as well as a transformation in body shape.  In some, this (the last referred to) transformation is enormous.  Weight gain, a thick waist circumference, double chin, overall a stuffy look is a common occurrence as people move beyond the age of maturity.

How to Grow Thin Naturally at Home

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Why does this occur?  Let us get down to the facts.  As our body ages, some amount of muscle mass is lost each year.  Now, it is these muscles that assist our body in burning all those consumed calories up, and storing some for energy reserves.  So the moment muscle mass begins to lessen, and one continues to eat the same amount of calories as they did 10 years back, those unused calories begins to get stored as fat which invariably begins to pile up little by little leading to weight gain.  What we people fail to understand is the fact that the total number of calories to be consumed on a daily basis needs to go down as we progress in our age.  This is the reason why people experience weight gain even when the amount of food eaten is in same amounts as they did when they were in their twenties or thirties.

Also the fact remains that, due to diminishing vigor as one gets older, the level of physical activities too are reduced.  This again causes our body to burn less calories.  The weight gained is a combination of excess water, toxic waste material, and piling up of fat.

Okay, some individuals may decide to start an exercise regimen outright after reading a few facts about how the ageing process encourages weight gain.  But starting out on an workout plan without willing to give up the foods you eat, especially those high-calorie ones, this alone may not help in your attempts to lose excess weight, maybe 6-7 pounds a maximum may be got rid of.  Slow cardio exercises will not help anyone in getting rid of accumulated fat.

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