How to Get Rid of 11 Pounds Belly Fat within 7 Days

  7 Day Belly Blast Diet

Body fat by itself and in moderation is not something unhealthy.  Our body requires fat tissues for energy storage, regulation of hormonal functions and is also insulates our body internally.  It protects our body from heat loss, keeps us warm during cold winters, regulates body temperature and protects internal organs from extremes of temperature changes.  Even if you are moderately overweight, with an even distribution of fat covering your entire body equally, health risks are negligent.  But body fat in excess and accumulated in certain body areas makes us open to disease attacks and organ damage.

to Get Rrid of 11 Pounds within 7 Days

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Belly fat is more deep seated, especially those that encase the internal organs, known as visceral fat.  Detection of this is hard, it develops gradually and needs to be well established before it becomes apparent, but by then harm may be already done.  Abdominal fat can increase an individual’s risk of developing hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart problems.  Again, where the fat gets accumulated, its location, suggests how hazardous it can be.  Fat situated in front of the stomach is more dangerous than lower abdominal fat.

to Get Rrid of 11 Pounds within 7 Days

There are certain foods that are bad for belly fat, and those that virtually help in burning and getting rid of it effectively when eaten regularly.  These foods help in building and maintaining lean muscles, which in turn help in fat burning, as well as require maximum energy for its own break down.  Healthy fats consumed actually help in burning body fat.  This, along with a restrain in caloric intake and a healthy exercise routine, will ensure permanent abdominal fat reduction that will instantly improve your overall health.

 Get Rid of 11 Pounds Belly Fat within 7 Days

If you are looking for substantial information regarding how a flat stomach can be achieved by employing effective methods, visit the site 7 Day Belly Blast  Within this site, nutritionist Josh Bezoni, has shared techniques that can ‘kill’ belly fat fast, giving you the best physique you have desired to own all your life.  He reveals 3 entities that impede fat loss – a certain type of a hormone, eating nutrient deficient foods while calorie counting, food additives and preservatives all motivate belly bulge.  He discloses those foods that encourage secretion of fat-burning hormones and states that eating the wrong kind of foods increases production of fat-storing hormones.  Thus, if you are following a diet plan that includes those foods that shoots up fat-storing hormones abruptly, you will be struggling in your attempts to lose fat.  He has also discovered those 3 ‘sneaky tricks’ that helps overweight individuals achieve permanent weight loss.  He has come up with a list of 37 foods that ‘kill belly fat’ and 15 foods that help in reducing abdominal blubber fast.  He also assures you that by trying out his program, your metabolism does not become sluggish.  In fact it will become even more rapid giving you fast and lasting results.  He guarantees that approximately 11 pounds of belly fat can be reduced sharply in 7 day’s time, both by men and women.  There are some recipes mentioned by him that can be dished out easily and also some free eating-out tips that one can attempt at.  Check the site for more information and give it a try.


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