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A flawless figure is every woman’s desire regardless of age or creed.  A specific shape, especially that of an hourglass, with curves in all the right places which define femininity, but a well toned one, is what most women yearn for.  Women attempting at getting their body back into shape after maybe childbirth or following unhealthy eating habits find this a challenging task.  Diet programs are difficult to stick to and workout plans involves a lot of effort and time to show results.  But the fact remains that there are no shortcut methods that can give you long-term results.  Clean eating habits along with intense, muscle pulsating exertion and perspiration are the only more direct route available to acquire a lasting shapely body.

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Human body does not function in the same manner for men and women.  The fact remains that there is a vast difference in hormone levels, fat cells, and muscle strength between a man and a woman.  Also essential body fat requirement is greater for women than for men, because of the additional reproductive functions that a woman’s body performs.  Body fat distribution between a man and woman’s body also differs.  There also lies a major difference in the fat metabolic mechanism between the two.  Fat can be easily metabolized from the abdominal area in women than the thigh and hip regions unlike men, for their bodies store a greater percentage of body fat around their belly area.

Diets remain invariably the same for both genders.  A high protein intake is a must for quick muscle fiber recovery after trauma experienced during intense workouts, in addition to an increase in caloric intake to feed the muscles enabling it to grow as well as for muscle maintenance.  There may be a variation in the amounts required.

Hence, exercise routines need to be planned differently for men and women in order to achieve fat loss.  A full body workout for females are specially designed by famous fitness experts, especially for those who want to lose weight but worry about appearing bulky and masculine after intense exercising.

Check out the Full-Body-Licious program created by Flavia Del Monte for those individuals either aspiring to own a great figure or to get their body back into shape after years of neglect.  Flavia is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Registered Nurse who after years of dieting and doing workouts herself have found out what actually works for women who desire to have a ‘curvy’ figure.  Her system focuses mainly on full body workouts.  There are five of such workouts mentioned by her that seem to have helped her to lose excess flab from key areas.  These exercises need to be done routinely, at least for a period of 12 to 16 weeks, to see a change in your body shape.  Her program is specially designed for women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.  So all of you unhealthy, out-of-shape bodies out there; visit this site for more valuable information on weight loss, in addition to healthy recipes that one can easily follow to help achieve this.


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