How To Gain Weight For Women At Home

How To Gain Weight For Women At Home

There are some individuals, considered to be lucky by overweight people, who do not seem to be able to achieve weight gain goals no matter what or how much they eat.  Size zero is no longer considered to be the ‘in thing’ anymore.  People (read men) desire women who are voluptuous and healthy looking, but not overweight.  A high metabolic rate may be the reason behind this refusal of one’s body to put on weight or it could be blamed on one’s genetics.  It is a challenge for a body with rapid metabolism to gain weight, for the energy utilized is at a much faster pace than it normally should.  If your objective is to gain weight, the simple rule to follow would be to consume more energy (food) than is expended.

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Eat much, much more than you normally do and weigh yourself frequently.  If you notice weight gain, a gain of more than 2 pounds in a week, then gradually reduce you calorie intake for a couple of weeks.  Although more food consumption is recommended, watch what you eat.  Your choice of foods should be healthy, not high in saturated fats, have high sugar content, or be highly processed.  Though these high calories can be burned off during exercises performed later on, the chances of these fats clogging your arteries still remain high.  Eating alone will not suffice for considerable weight gain.  Some amount of exercises too needs to be performed.  However, in the initial weeks during your attempts, avoid exercising vigorously or being overactive in sports.  Once some amount of weight gain begins to occur, light exercises may be done.  If you are more into sport activities, consume before and after your physical activities to continue feeding your body for some weight gain.  In between meals, snack on healthy foods like fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts, protein shakes, etc., as well as continue with your high intake of water to aid in easy digestion.

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Gain Weight For Women At Home