How to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys & Hardgainers [ for both men &women ]

 How to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys with Weight Gain Diet – Weight Gain Blueprint

Being overweight has become a common problem among the general population.  More so in places where it is well developed, finances are high, with easy access to various sports and fitness clubs, yet following a sedentary lifestyle.  However, it is not uncommon to encounter people who are skinny looking but not due to malnourishment.  Malnourishment occurs when supply of food is minimal or consumption of food lacking drastically in essential nutrients is regular.  Certain individuals manage to look skinny or emaciated even after following clean eating habits, becoming an object of envious feelings among those burdened with excess flab.  But hey, skinny looking guys hardly get any cursory glances from the opposite sex, so relax.

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Average weighing girls (which comprise a major portion of the population) feel comfortable in the company of men whose body type is almost similar to theirs.  A muscular frame is an added bonus.  Girls do not like skinny guys.  A few extra pounds with some nicely carved biceps and triceps along with a nice personality is what matters to them.  However, oversized, bulky frames are a big no-no.  In fact, these types most often get turned down.

Now are there methods for a skinny guy to pack muscles on to his frame?  Yes, there are, both in a safe and unsafe fashion.  Popular unsafe methods are dangerous steroid injections that include artificially created human growth hormones; herbal powders, drinks, shakes and supplements that all claim to effectively support optimal muscle gain.  In the long run, extended use of these products, give rise to harmful side effects causing irreversible damages.

Gain Weight for Skinny Guys &  Hardgainers [ for both men &women ]

The safest and surest way to gain muscles is through performing various forms of exercises.  Whatever may be the exercise route chosen to build muscles, ensure that they are performed in a slow manner.  For example, while working out with lifting weights, slow movements make sure every isolated muscle is put to work for proper development.  Do not overdo it.  Make way for rest periods for muscle recovery as well as for growth.  Muscles grow during periods of rest after exertion.

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