How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time

How to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously with Holy Grail Body Transformation Program

There are some who have always experienced weight problems.  In desperation, most of these individuals look out for drastic methods to lose weight like diet pills, the so called fat melting creams, oils, masks, or abdominal ‘wonder’ belts.  Some even go to the extremes of going under the knife to suck excess fat out from their body.  One should realize that these do not have supernatural powers to produce the results you desire.  Investing in these products is sheer waste of money and time; and willing to go under the knife is a dangerous stint.

to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time

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The only way one can successfully and permanently lose weight and maintain it so throughout one’s life is through exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet.  For successful weight loss, limiting your caloric intake is the initial step taken by most popular weight loss programs.  In the long run, sticking to it can be challenging.  This is where cyclical dieting can help.  While following this form of dieting, one can increase their calories for a short period of time (one whole day maximum) and then fall back into the usual diet routine.  The idea behind this is to prevent your body’s metabolism from becoming sluggish, which is a possibility with staying on low calories for long periods.  And the thought of having a ‘binge day’ once a week will also help you stay on track.

Also maintaining a nutrient timing is crucial while trying to lose weight.  The importance given here is to focus on consuming certain food groups that contain important micronutrients, at a particular time to maximize weight loss.  The amount of consumption will vary from individual to individual depending on their current weight and activity levels.  Significance is also placed on pre and post workout nutritious meal plans for those who are on an exercise regimen along with dieting.

The best way to remain fit and healthy while losing weight, without having to experience bouts of weakness and exhaustion, is to gain muscles simultaneously with fat loss.  The importance of maintaining a correct fat-muscle ratio while attempting to lose weight is provided in more detail within the site Holy grail body Within this website, the program Holy Grail Body Transformation System is made available by its creator Tom Venuto, who is also the author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program.  His program is meant for both men and women who desire to transform their fat-loaded bodies to a muscle packed one.  Tom’s system can also be used by those wanting to tone and firm up their bodies, which means his techniques are not meant only for fat loss purposes.  The focus of his system lies mainly on nutrition with a relatively new sphere of knowledge called ‘nutritional periodization’.  But he does not limit it there; there is also a mention of cardio workouts to be done in his prescribed manner in order to gain muscles, and a ‘5-point weight training optimization checklist’ to mark your progress.  Check his program for more knowledge gain and if you are seriously on the lookout for a guide to help you regain your youthful appearance with a fit body.


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