How to Feed Muscles to Burn Fat

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To lose weight effectively, the basic rule is to burn more calories than you eat.  By doing your daily activities, some amount of calories do get destroyed.  However, to lose at least 450 grams of body fat, more calories need to be burnt.  You will need to determine just what you require to do or how to cut out those extra calories from daily meal plans to achieve consistent weight loss.

 to Feed Muscles to Burn Fat

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Getting rid of body fat is a gradual process; you need to be fully cognizant of this fact.  One cannot expect immediate results from dietary changes or regular course of workout sessions.  But the truth is almost all overweight individuals desire to achieve results fast and resort to taking fat burning supplements.  These supplements, though may help you in reducing weight to a certain extent, in reality it plays havoc with your appetite and chemical changes within your body.  These products are known to give rise to several side effects like blood pressure and blood sugar fluctuations, dizziness, alteration in heartbeat rhythms, etc.  Weight loss surgeries are aplenty but with high risk profiles.  Staying hungry to lose weight is a bad idea.  No food means, no energy; making you feel sluggish and dull.

For an effective body fat burning process, something that is necessary is to identify your body type.  Are you aware that there are 3 different body types all with their own different way of burning excess fat?  These three body types are ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.  Ectomorphs generally have a fast metabolic rate and they find it hard to gain weight.  Their caloric intake needs to be exorbitantly high in order to gain weight.  Endomorphs are with a slow metabolic rate and tend to gain weight easily.  Mesomorphs gain and lose weight easily.

Once your body type is identified optimize your diet plans.  You need to also be aware of certain foods that have inherent fat burning qualities.  These are termed as thermogenic foods and require more energy for easy digestion than they possess.  These can help your metabolism to get off to a speedy start and make it possible for you to lose weight fast.  Identify these foods and consume them in right amounts to assist in your weight loss practice further.

Check the site Burn The, where a short video presented by Tom Venuto, a fitness expert and a bodybuilder, gives step-by-step instructions on how to effectively burn fat once your body type is identified.  He explains why most diet plans fail or works out for some people and not for others.  He tells you how nutritious food plays an important role in losing excess body fat and that resorting to supplements and fad diets actually does more harm than good.  Of course complete fat loss is not possible without some form of exercise, and Tom talks about simple basic exercise workouts that works for most people to help maintain their weight loss achieved mostly by dietary changes.  He lays more stress on healthy nutrition choices.  Do visit the site for valuable advice on how to burn and lose fat effortlessly without having to go through muscle loss.

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