How to Do Qigong Meditation at Home

 Qigong Meditation at Home – A Practical Guide

Chi power or energy is found naturally in our universe that penetrates through every object found on this planet.  While following an exercise routine on a daily basis helps to improve and maintain one’s overall health, this alone is not sufficient.  One also needs to improve the flow of chi energy that surrounds and penetrates us.  You may have experienced certain days where you are raving to go ahead, and certain days where you are restless and lack interest to carry on with daily routine.  This is because the chi energy is overactive on those days you experience high energy levels, and remains weak when disinterested in performing daily tasks.

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The concept of chi power is understood better by most martial arts or yoga followers.  It is basically the power which enables us humans to breathe, think, move and live.  It is the connection between the human body and flow of energy present in our universe.  Chi is an invisible force that can be felt and training our body to generate sufficient chi power from within ourselves requires years of practice.  The main focus during the learning process lies on correct breathing techniques along with lifestyle changes like eating a balanced diet, getting adequate rest, exercising along with indulging in recreational activities.

Qigong is one meditative technique that can be employed to develop chi energy.  All martial art forms are believed to originate from qigong.  When mastered, this technique has proved to be useful for self-healing purposes.  This method gives more importance on body posture, free flow of body movements, correct breathing techniques, self massage techniques, and meditation.  The basic goal of this ancient practice is to maximize development of one’s body, mind and spirit.

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