How to Do Intermittent Fasting to Reduce Weight – Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan

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Overweight individuals with a satisfactory degree of intelligence are skeptical about trying to fast in order to lose excess weight.  Fasting has been linked with all major religions just before festive activities.  Moreover, fasting gives our digestive tract a break, giving it ample time to restore good digestion, in the process eliminating all forms of toxins accumulated in your body.  This method of refraining from food is highly recommended for those who are habitual reckless eaters.  Besides, fasting is seen by many as a healing exercise for both the human body and the human spirit.

to Do Intermittent Fasting to Reduce Weight

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To abstain from food, whether for long or short periods of time, can bring about a dramatic change in your weight, but at the same time will deprive your body of vital nutrients.  Fasting for a long time, or sustaining on only a ‘juice’ or ‘fresh fruit’ diet, however, can be difficult to keep up with.  Moreover, one is likely to put on all that lost weight back once normal eating regimen commences.  Also it is not possible to continue fasting while the rest of your family enjoys all principal meals of the day.

But when proper fasting methods are followed, it will play an important role in your weight loss plan.  When your body ceases getting food for energy, it will look towards its own resources for fuel.  This is when all stored fat is broken down to obtain energy for proper functioning.  Fasting for short intervals need not necessarily push your body into starvation mode.  However, it is recommended to not stay away from food for more than 24 hours at one go.  Fasting once or twice in a week, each fasting period lasting for 24 hours, is an effective way to lose weight without slowing down your metabolism or losing muscle mass.

Eating more to lose more weight is something hard to decipher.  Is it not the other way? ….eat more to gain weight and eat less to lose extra weight?  Some diet plans stresses the importance of calorie counting while trying to lose weight, but in truth, who in this busy world has really the time to count calories and prepare the perfect meal plan on a daily basis?

Of course no weight loss program will be successful without some amount of exercise.  Exercising at least for 30 minutes every day is a must, you cannot expect to follow a sedentary lifestyle and still lose weight effectively.

If you are looking for ways to lose fat by way of abstaining from eating at intervals with weight training, then visit the site for a great weight loss program written by Brad Pilon.  He states the fact that ‘short-term fasting increases the activity of fat burning enzymes’ as proven by scientific research.  Ability to burn fat without difficulty, see a spike in growth hormones, an easy-to-stick-to diet plan are what you can expect from this program without having to lose ‘an ounce of muscle’.  Since the author holds a degree in nutrition, he does not recommend any nutrition supplements to achieve weight loss, but in fact permits you to eat ‘real’ food.  He gives an excellent approach to how to eat food the right way in order to lose ‘burdensome’ weight.  Check this site out to enjoy more healthier days in less demanding ways.

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