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Horseback riding requires some amount of skill with the need to maintain good posture at all times.  Beginners normally have the tendency to seat themselves on a horseback in a relaxed and floppy manner, and expect to just follow the horse’s movements.  What they are not aware of is the fact that the horse waits in expectation of cues from the rider to carry out an action.  The way you balance yourself and shift weight on a horse back guides the horse to take the direction you desire to.  Posture plays an important role for horse riders.  The manner in which your body is aligned, how well your seat bones rest on the horse’s back, the position of your hands and legs while riding, and your body balance are all vital to guide your horse in the right direction.  Moreover, improper body balance, positions and uncomfortable seating not only places a great amount of stress on the horse’s back, it could also give rise to health issues in the rider.

Do Horse Riders Pilates Exercises

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Back pain is a major problem experienced by horse riders over time.  The pain can go to the extent of interfering in their daily activities and also capable of putting a plug to an individual’s enthusiasm for this sport.  Most often, riders who develop back pain are told by their physicians to give up horse riding in order to regain their overall well being.  To a certain extent, exercises and precautionary measures employed from the very beginning of horse riding can keep this problem under check.  Improving core strength by following a core training program; exercises that target your back muscles, abdominal and pelvic muscles, thigh and leg muscles, hand muscles; exercises that improve your body balance, along with good breathing techniques will block the progress of this condition enormously.

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