How to Cure Running Injuries With Pilates

Curing Running Injuries With Pilates

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, running is defined as – to go steadily by springing steps so that both feet leave the ground for an instant in each step.  So it is as simple as ‘moving at a fast gallop’.  Running is a great exercise form that will not only help you in losing weight, but will increase your fitness level and improve your overall well being.  If you have been following a sedentary state of life, then moving on to a walking routine and then progressing gradually to running is recommended.  This is an ideal way to increase the level of physical activity in you.

How to Cure Running Injuries With Pilates

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Running has many plus points.  It is proven to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, thereby reducing the risk of developing heart diseases.  It improves endocrine functions, respiratory mechanism, and strengthens core muscles.  It also accelerates the metabolic process of your body, ensuring that more calories are burned.  Of course, weight loss does not commence until you ensure that the calories taken in are less compared to the energy burned.

Running may be done indoors, on a treadmill, or outdoors; the benefits derived are equal.  The emphasis is more on running the right way, requiring you to place less stress on your body and joints.  While running, always take care to land on your mid-foot.  Landing on your toes or heels have their own dire consequences.  Toes should be kept straight, pointed in the direction you desire to take.  Toes bent in or out, while running, could lead to injuries.  The position of your arms, how relaxed or tight they are, the posture assumed while running all have an impact on your performance level.

Moreover, wearing the right footwear, designed especially for running is vital for injury prevention.  Going on runs with your old, worn out comfortable pair of shoes is a dangerous decision.  There are specific footwears designed for different athletic sports.  Even your walking shoes vary from your running shoes, but if you chose to run with your walking footwear, you are heading towards disaster.  When the above precautions fail to be taken, injuries can occur.

If you are suffering from runners knee and if you are looking for best methods to diminish the pain, visit the site  Here, you will find valuable information given by Heather Ebright, a certified Pilate instructor that will help you run in the future without experiencing any knee pain.  She teaches you how to maintain good form while running, makes you aware of the importance of exercising certain muscle groups, other than the ones surrounding your knees, and how when these are exercised and maintained well, impacts your knee health positively.  She guides runners in identifying their muscle imbalances that may be the cause behind their pain, presents ways that can help rectify it and prevent any further tissue damage, thereby improving their performance levels.  She also describes methods to be employed by runners that will assist in reducing the weight placed on their knee joint while running, putting them on the road to recovery at a faster pace.  Do not wait for the pain to increase to a point of no return.  Instead access her pilates runners program and eliminate unnecessary pain from your body.


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