How To Cook Healthy And Stay Lean At The Same Time

 Cook Healthy And Stay Lean  

Metabolism is the sum of chemical and physical alterations occurring in living cells including those reactions that convert small molecules into large and vice versa.  These occurring changes provide energy for normal vital functions of the body to be performed actively.  This is a biochemical process that is vital to maintain life for it allows the body to grow, repair, and reproduce.  Metabolism is further divided into constructive metabolism or anabolism, and destructive metabolism or catabolism.

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This process influences body fat gain or fat loss greatly.  To put it simply, our body weight is a result of the amount of energy released into the body and how much of it is actually used up for normal functions.  When the amount released is more than what is used up, the excess energy is stored as fat in the body.  It is a popular belief that overweight individuals have a slow metabolic rate and lean physique people have a high metabolic rate.  However, the human metabolic process is also greatly influenced by certain hormones and/or underlying medical conditions.  Also, as the body gets older, it requires lesser calories and there is occurrence of large muscle mass loss.  Thus, the calorie requirement lowers as one ages, but if they choose to continue eating the same amount as they did in their younger days, it will eventually result in weight gain.

There are foods known to accelerate the body’s metabolic process naturally.  Thermogenic foods like ginger, mustard, hot peppers, citrus fruits, etc., have natural fat burning properties; low fat foods, low protein intake, foods that give you a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time will all encourage maximum fat burning phenomenon.

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