How to Burn Fat in the Morning & Reduce Weight with 2 Meals a Day

2 Meal Solution

Eating three wholesome meals a day is considered by many as a better method to maintain weight and control weight gain.  These individuals feel that eating meals with five hour intervals between food consumption helps them in burning more body fat.  However, they were required to be on a low-calorie, high protein diet to experience less hunger pangs.

How to Burn Fat in the Morning & Reduce Weight with 2 Meals a Day

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There is another group of people who think that eating frequent small meals, with a gap of 2 hours between each meal, will help in controlling one’s appetite.  Also, these small meals need not be a lavish spread.  Calories need to be counted and incorporating all nutrients should be ensured.  As your hunger is kept under check constantly, a situation does not arise where a high-calorie food is reached for to snack on, thus reducing weight gain possibilities.  The problem one may face with this style of eating is trying to prepare and schedule each meal, especially if you are working.

‘There is no solid evidence that six small meals a day instead of three will speed metabolism’ – as revealed in New York Times Online 2010.  So now what?

Well, whichever eating pattern you decide to follow, ensuring that your caloric intake just meets your body requirements and does not go overboard, I personally think, this alone will suffice to control your weight.  We have all been programmed to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Then, again, there are a few who do not think breakfast is all that important.

It has been revealed that morning is considered the best time for our body to access stored fat to be burnt for energy.  Our body is in a state of fast from having not eaten for a period of 10-12 hours.  With insulin in its lowest range, the body begins to turn to stored fat as its source of energy, thereby reducing body fat.  Once you break-the-fast by consuming a heavy breakfast meal, the use of this stored fat decreases.

Are you confused and do not know what to follow any more?  With new studies conducted every day giving new findings, it is hard to come to a decision regarding which method to follow for appropriate weight loss.  More details regarding this thought behind not choosing to have breakfast is revealed within the site The if  Here, Mike O’Donnell has come up with a program named 2 Meal Solution where one is required to have their important meals later in the day, not in the mornings.  He states that there is information available to prove that skipping your morning meal or eating more frequently will not ‘crash’ one’s metabolic rate.  There are more facts about how our body hormones and stress levels react to the quantity of food and when it is consumed, that directly affects our weight, either positively or negatively.  His strategy seems to have benefited many people in maintaining ideal body weight.  So visit this site for more information like ‘5 eating rules to remember’, the ideal workout program when this type of a eating pattern is followed, ‘2 lifestyle factors that have to be addressed’ if you desire that this program works for you, and many more.  Select to follow it and see all your excess fat melting away to give you a great physique.


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