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An individual’s genes do play some role in weight gain.  It is genes that influence a person’s food preferences, eating patterns (that are often bad), and exercise routines or rather lack of it that makes him/her susceptible to weight gain.  However, even though your weight gain capabilities may be because of your genetic transmission, you need not willingly accept this as your fate and move on in life.  Making major dietary changes and remaining active for most of your waking hours can get your weight down drastically.  Obesity or being overweight is the cause behind other major health concerns like cardiovascular conditions, kidney health, hormonal fluctuations, cancer, etc.  Additionally it can lower your self esteem.  Thus, preventive measures need to be taken immediately.

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If genes are not the reason behind you being overweight or obese, then a slow metabolic rate may be the cause for your weight gain.  Your body’s basic metabolic rate determines how much calories it is capable to burn on a daily basis as well as at what speed this can be carried out.  When the metabolic rate is on the higher side, gaining weight is next to impossible.  A slow metabolic rate – means weight gain, since the body is incapable of burning all of those calories taken in.  Certain lifestyle changes can accelerate one’s metabolism, like for example, eating a healthy breakfast rich in proteins; protein requires more energy for its break down.  Increasing activity levels or engaging in high-intensity activities, selecting to work out routinely and choosing to increase the routines gradually will ensure that your body’s metabolism move at a faster rate.

The initial process of any weight loss program that has proven to give beneficial weight loss results involves dieting and exercising.   And one may experience drastic changes in their body shape following these methods, but in all probability chances are they will hit a weight loss plateau where their weight would just refuse to reduce any further.  May be because they have been cheating?  Depriving oneself from their favorite foods and getting to see their friends or close relatives enjoying these without the fear of putting on weight often leads to temptation.  This in turn guides an individual to their binging episodes.

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