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Weight Loss Gods Way

This weight loss and weight gain cycle is experienced by an indefinite number of individuals on a weight loss diet.  Termed as the ‘yo-yo’ effect of dieting, this is connected with certain health risks.  Though this weight cycling does not seem to slow down a body’s metabolic process, metabolism does become sluggish as one grows older.  Thus, when an individual adopts healthy eating habits and increase the intensity of physical activities as they age, maintaining a healthier weight for life is possible.

Weight Loss Gods Way

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Some individuals consider taking weight loss drugs, pills, or herbal supplements an ideal fashion for quick weight loss results.  But most of these are dangerous, because some contain ingredients that can weaken a human body, and some are made from substances that cannot be tolerated by the body.

Then there are some who have this strong belief that diet and exercises alone do not work towards effective weight loss.  The way you think, you mind, is also found to have a major role played in weight loss efforts.  A positive or negative state of mind influences every aspect of an individual’s life, including achieving weight loss goals.  For positive results, as and when you decide that it is time to lose all that extra pounds you have piled on over the years, chalk out an exercise plan.  The plan made should just be right for you, trying to achieve unrealistic goals will have negative results.  Form a list of things in your mind, all positive, that will urge you to move forward to accomplish your goal.  Also build a support system that will see you through the whole process, especially at times of weakness.  Take a break from your strict dieting and exercise routine now and then so as to avoid getting bored or tired of following this regular course.  If not, negative thoughts will begin to creep in, obstructing your efforts.

For more details on safe, effective methods for more permanent weight loss results, visit the site weightlossgodsway.com for ways on how to get to the root of your weight gain problem.  Within the website, Dr. Frank B. Smoot, claim that the root cause of most individual’s weight gain is in how their thinking process functions.  But he does not promote weight loss methods without employing dieting and exercise procedures.  He states that though these two entities have their own role to play as far as weight loss programs are concerned, they fall only second in rank.  The first priority is to change ones attitude and thinking towards weight problems and once this amendment is made, then along with dietary changes and increase in physical activity levels, it is possible to find a stable and lasting solution for this problem of weight gain.  The weight loss system mentioned here is based on the power of comprehension of God’s philosophic teachings and discourse.  So identify your ‘self-sabotaging beliefs’, ignore or eradicate them, and experience weight loss in a continual sequence, because ‘God wants you to be healthy and happy’!

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