Eat what you Want and Still Lose Weight

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Food is what keeps us humans going.  Not that ‘junk’ food, but nutritious foods.  The six vital nutrients that our body requires are macronutrients – protein, fat, carbohydrate; and micronutrients – minerals, vitamins; and water.  In fact water is the most important of all.  Our body can survive without food for weeks together, but trying to remain without water for more than a couple of days can prove fatal.

Eat what you Want and Still Lose Weight

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Your nutritional intake needs to be balanced in a right manner to maintain your body in optimal health.  Also, the right amount of food intake is crucial to maintain your ideal body weight.  Nutrients in different proportions have different effects on our body.  High carbohydrate and fat consumption results in weight gain, high protein intake for an extended period of time can result in some health issues.  An average adult requires 10-20% calories from proteins, 20-25% from fats, and 55-70% from carbohydrates.  However, a recommended meal plan for an overweight individual trying to lose weight would be to consume more of proteins, fat in moderation, and minimal consumption of carbohydrates.

Calorie counting comes in handy if you are attempting at weight loss or trying to maintain your present weight.  From several studies conducted it has been concluded that an average female adult should take in 2000 calories in a day, while male adults should consume 2500 calories every day.  Again, this may vary depending on one’s activity level.

Water also plays an important role while trying to lose fat.  Water consumption will not only keep your body well hydrated, it will also help in diminishing hunger pangs.  It will increase a body’s basic metabolic rate thereby increasing calorie burning.  How much your body requires water depends on various factors namely, your level of physical activity, the climatic condition you live in, and how much you weigh.  Most dietitians recommend consuming water half an hour before and after meals, with may be sips of liquid during meals.

Maintaining a well balanced diet while losing weight will only help you halfway toward meeting your weight goal.  Exercise training will see you till the end of your goal.  Also there are certain nutritional requirements to be met before and after workouts.  All this information and more are made available within the site, Fat Lose Trouble  There are theories about how calorie intake is stored and burnt within the human body.  If you have been in a diet program previously, you may have experienced rapid weight loss initially, but would have reached a stable level with no further change in fat reduction.  Leigh Peele explains why this does happen in the first place and how one can avoid it.  She shows methods that will help identify your body type and will also assist you in deciding the best exercise training that will work in your favor.  She fuses practicality with common sense in such a manner that this fat-loss program is a sure way to lose fat for every individual wanting to get their body back into great shape.  This comprehensive book is a must read for people who have been dieting forever, and if you decide to follow her methods, enjoy the experience.Click Here to Visit Website .

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